Thursday, February 26, 2015

Artist Crafter Visit February 26, 2015

During the spring and summer months I am so busy visiting all the vendors’ farms that I don’t usually get out to visit the Markets artist/crafter vendors. All new craft vendors must have their product verified before they can ever start renting a booth at the Market. For those craft vendors who have been at the market for years I try to visit them every other year but this is not always possible. There are just not enough hours in the day sometimes.

Larry and Connie Wenger have been crafting most of their lives; in fact this is how they make a living. They have been vendors at the City Market for many years, if I had to guess I would say close to 20. The three main items they sell are wine sap buckets, birdhouses and magnetic jewelry. The wine sap buckets take a seven step process before they are ready to bring to the Market and make a unique and versatile item for your home. The magnetic jewelry they make are said to have medicinal purposes and are made from lodestone which is mined in South Africa. Larry and Connie have a little bead stringing area in their home with box after box of various beads in a range of sizes. The Wenger’s magnetic jewelry can be special ordered to your specifications. They have also created rosaries made from these amazing stones which are very unique.

In years past Connie and Larry would head down to Canton, Texas the first Monday of every month to sell their items at a huge market there and were snow birds in the winter. Last year they gave up the road and decided to sell solely at the City Market and on line. This is when they introduced their tag art to their City Market booth. Although they have been doing tag art since 1995 they never brought it to the City Market before last year. Larry has been collecting license plates since he was 14 which is obvious by the number of plates they have from all 50 states. Larry has a wall of plates in their work area and a very cool piece of equipment to cut these plates. He also uses the license plates to add to the bird houses he makes. Larry and Connie are at the City Market every Saturday and Sunday, weather permitting. For more information visit their web sites at and


Artist Crafter Visit February 13, 2015       
It has been months since I posted anything since I very seldom visit any vendors November through March. The winter months are all about getting vendor contracts in the mail and juggling stalls to make sure the City Markets, farmers market has a wonderful variety and quality of product. I really miss getting out in the big purple City Market truck to visit all the vendors and to catch up with all the vendors. I love farm/craft visit days.

On the 13th I visited Patricia Carter at her home/work area. Patricia is just getting her “Royal Reign Bath Boutique” business up and going in addition to attending classes. Needless to say she is always busy. Patricia makes super cute bath bombs that you drop in your bath water which are guaranteed to make your skin feel wonderful. Some of the bombs are round and others look just like a cup cake, they do look good enough to eat.

In addition to bath bombs Patricia also makes scented wax melts used in warmers and handmade scented candles. Everything needed to make your home smell wonderful.
Patricia will be setting up her booth at the Sunday farmers market hopefully sometime in early April if the weather ever warms up. The Sunday market hours are 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 pm and will start filling up with vendors in the spring.