Thursday, March 26, 2015

It’s too early to start visiting farms so this week I thought I would look in on Melissa and Christopher Cavallari who have been vending at the City Market since 2004. Their business name is Suryashakti and they make jewelry in our Artist Crafter category.

Like any successful crafter they know it is very important to know what is popular and trending and to change things up once in a while. This season they are totally changing their look and the items they sell. The Cavallari’s have come up with a really cool idea where each customer will have the option to pick out all the components for a bracelet and Mellissa or Christopher will assemble it while you watch in three minutes or less. Each customer will have three options to choose from which is determined by the style of the items. Melissa demonstrated the process for me by having me choose from an assortment of colored bands, a crystal, a charm, a tassel, the finish I preferred and voila it became a bracelet right before my eyes.

You will still get to choose from a variety of earrings and bracelets which are made from leather or cotton cords using a knotting technique. I sat and watched Christopher make three bracelets; he made it look so easy and did them very quickly. If I tried to do this I would have had one big knotted mess.

You will find Suryashakti at the City Market every Saturday and Sundays throughout the spring and summer. On Saturdays they are located on the south east corner of the Market square and under the first pavilion in stall 1 on Sundays.