Thursday, October 6, 2016

What a beautiful day to visit Farms. Today I'm making a really big loop around the Kansas City area I'm going to start my day in Edgerton Kansas. I am meeting Steve and Andrea Myers the owners of Be Love Too Farm, their specialty is growing sprouts. I'm really excited to visit with this new vendor today since they have an item we don't currently have available at the Market. The Meyers have found a way to grow sprouts year-round in their basement which is perfect because they can control the temperature and the humidity. Their specialty is wheatgrass, sunflower shoots and pea shoots but they will eventually add mung bean shoots, alfalfa shoots broccoli shoots, clover shoots, radish shoots and fenugreek shoots this year. Be Love Too Farm is a non-certified organic sustainable farm. The Myer’s anticipate selling at the City Market starting in November and will remain at the market throughout the winter. In addition to selling their sprouts they will also be selling farm-raised mushrooms from Wakarusa Valley Farm located in Lawrence, Kansas. Wakarusa Valley Farm was a very popular vendor at the market last year so I'm very excited that we will once again have their wonderful product at the market.

After leaving Edgerton I headed towards Weston, Missouri to visit with Don Browning who owns Centennial Iris Gardens. I thought this would be a really easy visit since Don grows all of his irises, mums and lilies in the front yard of his home in downtown Weston, I was mistaken. Weston, Missouri unbeknown to me was preparing for their annual Apple Festival.  Between the roads being under construction, no street parking and all their parking lots being barricaded I was unable to get anywhere close to Don’s home, not for the lack of trying. I thought I could park out and walk in but that was not an option especially when driving the City Market purple veggie truck. My next course of action visit  Google Earth where I was able to see he does indeed grow plants in his front yard.  Don will be coming to the Market within the next few weeks on Sunday and possibly Saturdays later this year. For additional information about Centennial Iris Gardens visit his web site at

After a quick lunch break and some ice cream from Green Dirt Farms cute little restaurant in Weston I headed towards Buckner, Missouri.  I wanted to stop in to check Frye Farms tomato greenhouse one more time this season since this is the main item they sell at the City Market and many greenhouses have stopped producing by now. I found their road side store a bustle with activity, they were preparing for a busy weekend where they demonstrate how sorghum is made. It is pretty cool to see! Marlin had just picked the last of the greenhouse tomatoes earlier in the week so when these are gone they will be buying local tomatoes to resale. This is allowed in the supplement category but all produce must be harvested within 500 miles of the market and cannot be more than 50% of the product being sold by that vendor that day.  In addition to supplemented greenhouse tomatoes Marlin will also be selling fall mums at the Market.  You will find Frye Farms located in the third pavilion in stalls 129-131 for a few more weeks.

Today I took a little field trip on the street car to visit Annette “Gigi” Jones. Annette owns Zafar which is located in the Power and Light District in Kansas City. After some business adjustments to her salon/spa/boutique she is working on reopening her store in the near future but wants to sell her hand made body scrubs and Shea butter at the Sunday farmers market. Annette gave me a demonstration of how she makes and packages her fragrant body scrubs. She only uses scents which have a therapeutic or healing component to them and I must admit after trying some on my hand the results were very noticeable. Zafar will be at the market for the first time this coming Sunday in the third pavilion. For additional information visit her web site at

I am slowing down a little on farm visits but hope to continue visiting with the many artist/craft vendors who sell at the City Market over the next couple months.

Once again the weather looks beautiful for the farmers market this weekend. Just a reminder we are a year round farmers market so don’t forget to support local farmers, crafter and small businesses this winter!