Friday, September 8, 2017

Can you believe how beautiful the weather has been! My heart goes out to everyone in Texas and Florida, I can’t imagine how hard that would be and where would you start cleaning up.

I made an appointment to visit a new Artist/Crafter vendor who will be selling on Sundays this year. She turned her application in a while ago, I am sorry to say it has taken me a while to get her approved since I focus on all the new farm applications first. Kate Vieyra recently started her business Mystic Company at the same time she is attending a local collage. Kate creates hand painted planters inspired by her love of jewel tones, which is very evident when you visit her market stall. The clay flowerpots receive an ombre base coat and then Kate uses a pen to create the unique designs. Once she is happy with the results, she seals the posts so they are safe for holding your favorite plant. Each pot is unique and really cute.  In addition to decorating pots Kate also hand paints bricks, used for doorstops or paperweight, I think they would make great bookends. Kate set up at the market for the first time last week and her display was lovely. You will also find her items on etsy at and

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